Emission Repair In Baltimore, MD

It's no secret that our cars emit air pollution. However, a vehicle's emissions system works to reduce the number of harmful gases that are released into the environment. The system also keeps your engine running quietly. Computers, an array of sensors, computerized engine controls, fuel system components, and exhaust components all work together to control your vehicle’s emission output.

All vehicles, including your Acura, Alfa Romeo, AMG, or Audi, must adhere to the government standards of emissions. So, getting your emissions system repaired whenever needed is vital. Some pollutants generated from driving vehicles are:

Carbon Monoxide (CO): This odorless, colorless, and poisonous gas is formed by the combustion of gasoline when the carbon in fuel doesn’t burn completely. If the air/fuel mixture does not have enough oxygen present during combustion, it will not burn completely.

Hydrocarbons (HC): This is a compound that is emitted into the atmosphere when combustion does not properly take place.

Nitrogen Oxides (NOx): When fuel combusts, it produces nitrogen oxides. This pollutant is more present in areas with a high population density. 

If you find that your vehicle is producing excess emissions, the problem could be with several parts of your emissions system. If you are experiencing any of these signs, feel free to come to Olympic Auto & Truck Service LLC in Baltimore today.

Your check engine light turns on: This could mean several things, including a malfunctioning sensor or that there is a leak in the hose or a loss of pressure in some component of your emissions system. 

Your vehicle is not performing as well as it should: Your vehicle's emissions system is connected to the entire fuel and exhaust system. So, if something is wrong with it, it can impact your vehicle's performance. 

You are getting fewer miles per gallon: Automobile fuel evaporates quickly, even when the vehicle is not running. Your emissions system is designed to limit the loss of these vapors and keep them in the automotive system. However, if there is something wrong with your emissions system, you may find that your car is draining more gas than usual.

You smell fuel or gas inside or outside of your car: If you smell gas inside your car while you are driving, stop driving as soon as possible and bring your car to Olympic Auto & Truck Service LLC in Baltimore County. Inhaling these fumes can burn the inside of your nostrils and cause headaches and nausea.

Your Reliable Shop for Emissions Repair

If you are having an issue with your emissions system, Olympic Auto & Truck Service LLC in Baltimore is your go-to place. Our owner John Mastrovasilis and team of Quality technicians have decades of experience and are experts in all things auto repair, including Maintenance & Electrical Diagnostic, Automotive repair, and emissions repair. 

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We've been fixing cars since 1987 and are experts in all things auto repair. If you are in the 21205 area or nearby, don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with Olympic Auto & Truck Service LLC either online or via phone at 410-327-8242. Olympic Auto & Truck Service LLC - Quality you Can Trust, at a Fair Price!. 

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